A Day in the Life of Social Media

My life consists of the four top social media platforms: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  I use these sites mainly for business; however, I do get to have a little fun connecting with my friends and family as well! I love being able to see what my family is getting involved in, what they’re doing in life, achievements, etc.  I love that I can join in the celebration with my family and friends when they post their accomplishments and life goals.  However, with the positive comes the negative.  One thing that I can not handle that happens on social media is all of the hate and negativity that plagues our screens.  The hardest times to deal with on social media was the 2016 election as well as all of the unarmed citizens being gunned down by police officers.  Because of that, I have spent less time on Facebook and Twitter than I have been on SnapChat and Instagram.  With these types of platforms, I can just enjoy photos, and videos of my followers live in a positive light. I do spend some time looking at other blogs and signing up for their newsletters.  The newsletters that get my attention are photography how-to’s as well as rewards programs!  I have noticed through newsletters, ads on all of the platforms, that marketers are starting to target social media platforms heavily meaning that these platforms are going to play an intricate role in marketing.